Restorative Grief Coaching

Restorative Grief Coaching

An integrative mind-heart-body-spirit approach to healing work


Mandy Capehart

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Restorative Grief Coaching

The Book: Restorative Grief

A Key Skill for Healing Our States & Stories

Negativity bias doesn't appear out of thin air, but with a lot of intention, we can reassign the energy it generates toward a more positive approach to our futures. Read More "A Key Skill for Healing Our States & Stories"

Finding A Rhythm for Blindsiding Grief

Being blindsided by grief is awful, but what if it's something you never expected you would care about losing? Let's learn how to swing with it. Read More "Finding A Rhythm for Blindsiding Grief"

Forgetting to Heal

Forgetting in our healing is a powerful method of reclaiming what matters in grief. Let's give it a try. Read More "Forgetting to Heal"

Anticipating Divorce & the Aftermath

How do you hold yourself knowing you're about to experience divorce? The same way we would face any other impending loss - by going internal. Let's talk it out. Read More "Anticipating Divorce & the Aftermath"

What Do I Really Need To Know?

How many times have you heard about the five stages of grief and been overwhelmed? Let's break down what helps and what you can release. Read More "What Do I Really Need To Know?"