Restorative Grief

Restorative Grief

Embracing our losses without losing ourselves

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Mandy Capehart

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The Book: Restorative Grief

Surviving Violent Loss with Dr. Jan Canty

Dr. Jan Canty is a psychologist on a mission to alleviate the confusion, fear, and compounding loss for survivors of violent loss. Please listen with discretion. Read More "Surviving Violent Loss with Dr. Jan Canty"

Five Surprising Sources of Grief

Let's talk about how to pursue restorative grief where trauma and loss may be unrecognized. Read More "Five Surprising Sources of Grief"

What’s Coming Next for Restorative Grief (& A Two Minute Grief Relief Trick)

Changes are coming to Restorative Grief with Mandy Capehart! We are going to expand our content offerings and have a few other ideas up our sleeve, so listen in and send us your ideas. What do YOU want more of on this show? Read More "What’s Coming Next for Restorative Grief (& A Two Minute Grief Relief Trick)"

Intentionally Fabulous with Kelli Calabrese

When her initial approach to healing left her just as brokenhearted as before, Kelli's path of heartache diverged into wellness, bringing a new sense of spiritual, physical, and mental alignment to her life and her heart. Read More "Intentionally Fabulous with Kelli Calabrese"

The Family That Gossips Together…

Healing is always vulnerable but what can we do about the vulnerability being exploited in our families and friends when we share our process? Today let's talk about how to undermine the toxicity of gossip - you'll also learn my strategy for enforcing my boundaries around gossip without completely breaking the relationship. Read More "The Family That Gossips Together…"