Restorative Grief

Restorative Grief

Embracing our losses without losing ourselves

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Mandy Capehart

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The Book: Restorative Grief

Grieving What Could Happen

Let's learn we can disarm grief anxiety to stop the cycle of intrusive thoughts & internalizing fear of the unknown. Read More "Grieving What Could Happen"

What Do You Want? with Donna Tashjian

Today, we are talking about some of the questions you may want to ask yourself when you realize you are ready to take action on behalf of your grief process. Read More "What Do You Want? with Donna Tashjian"

And Now, We Embrace the Emotions.

This week, we’re going to learn a little technique to name, embrace, and observe our emotions in a way that leads us out of frustration and into wholeness. Read More "And Now, We Embrace the Emotions."

Pressure That Won’t Let Go

Welcome back to Restorative Grief with Mandy Capehart. You are listening to... Read More "Pressure That Won’t Let Go"

The Practice of Curiosity with Derek Myers

Becoming curious is a central tenant of Restorative Grief, but how often do we truly indulge our curiosity when it comes to allow our faith and beliefs to evolve? Listen as Derek Myers of Your Favorite Heretics shares his story of growth and perspective that allowed for true healing. Read More "The Practice of Curiosity with Derek Myers"