Restorative Grief by Mandy Capehart
Restorative Grief Coaching

Restorative Grief Coaching

Exploring The Restorative Grief Model

“I’ve been looking for a grief counselor for far too long, so when I learned about Mandy’s book, I was beyond ready. I found someone compassionate and kind in her words and immediately reached out for coaching. I’m so grateful I did. I haven’t felt this connected to myself in years.” – Stacy L.

Group coaching:

The Restorative Grief Project is a free online coaching group with self-paced educational units for anyone to explore and discuss freely in the online forum. Visit The Restorative Grief Project.

Online courses:

Online courses are offered throughout the year via Maven. Learn more about available offerings.

Mandy Capehart is a Certified Grief Educator, Certified Trauma Professional, Somatic Embodiment Practitioner, and Master Mindset & Transformation coach.

The Restorative Grief model is an integrative whole person approach to healing work, incorporating concepts and support tools from mindfulness, yoga, various psychological models, and neuropsychology research into the grief support process. Each client is uniquely supported to discover a new and personally meaningful pathway to healing for themselves in their whole selves – mind, heart, body, and spirit.

What does a grief coach do:

Although coaching relationships can feel therapeutic, this is not therapy. Clients are guided on how to become curious, honest, compassionate, and vulnerable with themselves in a way that invites growth and healing IF they are willing to do the uncomfortable work of grieving with intention. We are looking for new experiences of support, action, and hope.

Mandy’s coaching style is client-driven without a set program or expectations, lasting as few or as many sessions as we agree are appropriate. The style of each session is up to you but we will try to focus on grief literacy and grounding strategies to start.

Sessions last 50-55 minutes and include a brief wrap-up email afterward. The hope is for you to stay present and soft during the session itself, reconnecting with any established targets afterward via the email.

I am currently a member of the Trusted Parenting Network with the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, but I do not work with minors directly. Parents interested in working one-on-one with me around the topic of grief are welcome, as we can build skillsets that translate into grief support and literacy in the home.


We are only able to accept private pay at this time. Sliding scale rates are available for those in need. To learn more, submit the request form below!

Areas of specialty:

Parent loss, child loss, compound losses, fertility, death by suicide, church/faith-based loss, community loss, estrangement, partner/relationship loss, collective grief, moral injury, value misalignment, nervous system dysregulation, disenfranchised grief*, ambiguous grief**, & old/untended grief.

*Disenfranchised grief events are those not generally validated by our culture as a source of grief. **Ambiguous grief events are those without defined or clear edges, beginnings, or ongoing grievous events.

“Mandy’s ear is attuned and her voice is so validating. That is the realest love I know of to the grieving heart; it certainly has been for mine.” – Nina Pepin

“Mandy tackles aspects of the grieving process that don’t always get talked about in a way that is full of understanding and compassion.” – Jarred Harris

“To me, Mandy’s promotion of grief literacy” is a godsend. She provides a space to actively work on and better understand the “griefs” in life. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.” – Larry Grant

“Mandy is down to earth and empathetic. It is obvious that she really cares for her clients. She uses her expert knowledge of grief and the Enneagram to understand and help you work through your emotions. She gives space for you to process and practical tips on how to heal. I would recommend Mandy for anyone working through grief or any negative emotions at all. She’s a blessing!”
– Kendall McCullough

“Mandy Capehart accomplishes something difficult by balancing the information needed to learn HOW to process loss with the emotional empathy to explore the WHY and pain of moving through grief. I learned I have so much work to do in my understanding and restoring my life through a conversation with my grief and loss. Difficult? Yes. And now, much more possible.” 
– Thomas Perkins

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