Overcoming Community Loss with Micah Morgan
Overcoming Community Loss with Micah Morgan

Overcoming Community Loss with Micah Morgan

Welcome back to Restorative Grief with Mandy Capehart. You are listening to a bonus episode for premium subscribers, titled, “Overcoming Community Loss with Micah Morgan.” When we are suffering through a loss, one of the secondary sources of pain that we encounter is often a loss of our community. We can’t quite put our fingers on it, but something has changed. Whether our people are no longer our people, or we feel less safe, or maybe we’ve had to leave our community completely, we are now navigating a loss that feels a bit like a bowl of spaghetti: everything is intertwined.

Micah Morgan is a bivocational trauma-informed Licensed Professional Counselor and serving as a pastor at her church in Columbus, OH. Over the years, her work has drawn her deeply into studying relational styles, neurobiological responses to trauma, and exploring how our interconnectedness as humans fuels the need for community – as well as the depth of our pain when we exist without one. I’m so excited for you to hear from Micah today because she is a wealth of insight and thoughtful curiosity for healing. Get ready to feel seen, my friends.

Thank you for listening to this bonus episode of Restorative Grief. I wonder if, like me, you felt the depth of stillness in your spirit the moment Micah started talking about our inherent need for relationship. No one is immune to grief or loss, but we heal best in community. When that community is the source of our grief, Micah’s very compassionate but clear steps into working toward rebuilding trust with others again feels like learning to exhale deeply for the first time. I hope you found something encouraging in her wisdom, and if not, listen to it again – I know there is something for you in it.

If this is your first premium episode of Restorative Grief, thank you so much for choosing to partner with me in this work. For some, this is the only access to grief support they get. Whether living in a care desert where providers are few and far in-between, or simply lacking access to support for reasons of income or safety, Restorative Grief and the subsequent arms of this work create a safe place for grievers to fall apart. Your financial support makes it possible.

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And one last thought: Please remember, the only solution for grief is to do the work of grieving. Thank you for listening. I’ll see you soon.

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