On Being Present
On Being Present

On Being Present

I am a very future focused woman. My goals, dreams, and lists are always set on what will come and the steps I need (and people I want around) to help me reach my very high bar.

But what about the present?

This morning, I was reminded of God’s patience with me. When I hear His voice and quickly ask for another word of encouragement, rather than allowing the richness of His heart to sink into my circumstances.

He is the God over my worries, and the God of my wonders.
If I can rejoice over my present, I can be confident that He is over all the worry of my future.

With worries assuaged, I become filled with the wonder of the God who is even more excited about my dreams than I am. The present tension becomes tingly with anticipation, and although it can feel as uncomfortable as an extremity that’s fallen asleep, imagine how fast I’ll run when I’m finally and fully awake.

May you find the simplicity in your present today. Perhaps open your eyes to the table before. It may be filled with very feast for which you’ve been longing.


  1. Love this…that you're not afraid to have doubts and worries, but that you also recognize that when they arrive (& they will), you're not afraid to slow down & let the "God over [your] worries, and the God of [your] wonders" step into the situation…into your heart and your brain and your circumstances – and encourage you in your next steps!

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