Restorative Grief by Mandy Capehart
The Book: Restorative Grief

The Book: Restorative Grief

What would it mean for you to start taking up space in your own grief story?

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Restorative Grief is a 31 day guidebook and memoir of loss, life, and learning how to tread water. Follow the author on an exploration of tools and techniques to guide you through a healing process inviting your mind, body, spirit, and soul to the table. All aspects of your story are just that: yours. This is your chance to explore what life after loss can look like without the platitudes, minimizing, and dismissive methods used by so many well-intentioned grief supporters.

As grievers, we keep sorrow to ourselves to avoid rocking the boat or making others uncomfortable. And as grief supporters, the last thing we want is to increase the pain felt by our loved ones. Yet in both roles, we find ourselves repeating platitudes and minimizing our needs simply to survive the next wave.

In Restorative Grief, Mandy Capehart takes us through her story of loss and recovery both in and out of the church walls. While being raised in the evangelical tradition, she found church structures and understanding lacking for those who needed more than a quick sabbatical.

Restorative Grief provides practical tools, concepts, and techniques to empower grievers to take what they need and to find it for themselves in body, mind, and spirit. While her story is framed around the Christian experience, this work is approachable for anyone capable of reading with an open mind to chew the meat and spit out the bones. Find what serves and leave the rest. It’s your story.


“I would say that Mandy gives us a “peek behind the curtain” of grief, but in truth, she rips the weighted fabric down completely. She boldly walks into places society has hidden away, holding space for us to explore our own truths in our own way. Mandy’s writings make the perfect companion in grief. Her raw vulnerability provides us a roadmap on how to be introspective, honest, and gracious with ourselves.”
Jessica Murrey, CEO of WickedSaints Studios, International Peacebuilder, author, and speaker

“‘Restorative Grief’ is a treasure; beautifully written, sincere, and thought-provoking. Mandy’s journey through discomfort and pain, grace and healing feels vital for the times we live in.”
Ryan Pfeil, journalist, author, and editor

“Whether you have faced the devastating loss of a close loved one or are battling the weight of an unexpected disappointment, this book is for you. Each chapter and daily reflection will lead you with guidance, encouragement, and practical tools. This is a book I will use personally, as well as with those I counsel and pastor.”
Kate Rhoden, pastor of Living Waters Rogue Valley