Restorative Grief Coaching

Restorative Grief Coaching

An integrative mind-heart-body-spirit approach to healing work


Mandy Capehart

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Restorative Grief Coaching

The Book: Restorative Grief

Learning to Surf

You’re not going to arrive and be healed, but you will emerge from each wave with a little more grace and a little more resilience than before. Read More "Learning to Surf"

Is Anticipatory Grief a Good Thing?

Is anticipatory grief good, bad, or some other secret third thing? Let's dig in and find a way to help us cope while we sort through the mess of waiting for loss. Read More "Is Anticipatory Grief a Good Thing?"

What Can Integration Mean For Me?

Integration is a five dollar word in the grief world - but what it means to you is what matters. Read More "What Can Integration Mean For Me?"

Does Grief Ever Get Easier?

Here are three ways you can explore what easier means to you and how to apply it to your grief work. Read More "Does Grief Ever Get Easier?"

See Yourself Whole

Our grief strategy is not just about making ourselves feel better today, but believing we will feel better tomorrow. This week, let's allow ourselves to dream of a better future and teach our brains what hopeful things they can expect, too! Read More "See Yourself Whole"

Is Control Really What You’re After?

Let's unpack the misunderstandings between control and clarity to see how it will help us learn to trust ourselves instead of searching for a future we can predict. Read More "Is Control Really What You’re After?"