Restorative Grief

Restorative Grief

Embracing our losses without losing ourselves

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The Book: Restorative Grief

Hospice & Grief Hospitality with Ryan Mulkowsky

Hospice chaplain & bereavement coordinator Ryan Mulkowsky shares his experience in the world of hospice care and grief work. Read More "Hospice & Grief Hospitality with Ryan Mulkowsky"

Life Without Margin

Without margin, we get pushed around our own life and sometimes, right off the cliff's edge. Let's talk about the value of margin for our grief, too. Read More "Life Without Margin"

The Privilege of Tears

Grief is the great equalizer, and yet we do not experience equal access to mourn as needed. Consider your own story and the privilege to grieve with this week's episode of Restorative Grief. Read More "The Privilege of Tears"

Like Water For Mercy

This week, I'm inviting you into a practice of lament through a simple act of mercy toward yourself. I'm also sharing a little bit about The Restorative Grief Project. Read More "Like Water For Mercy"

Disenfranchised Grief with Meghan Crozier

Reckoning with our grief in a way that brings permission to the process is necessary, but it is very easy to dismiss our right and need to grieve. In my conversation with author and educator Meghan Crozier of The Pursuing Life, Meghan shares her story of disenfranchised grief and what it meant to her story when she realized just how heavy a weight she carried. Read More "Disenfranchised Grief with Meghan Crozier"

Finding The Edges of Our Circle

One of the greatest gifts you can receive when you are grieving is the gift of space. So this week, we are having a brief conversation about the value of boundaries in the grief process and where to begin if you need to redefine your circle. Read More "Finding The Edges of Our Circle"