Restorative Grief

Restorative Grief

Embracing our losses without losing ourselves

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Mandy Capehart

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The Book: Restorative Grief

Shaking Off the Dust

What would it mean for your healing if you learned to become present and kind to your body? Read More "Shaking Off the Dust"

The Forgotten Grievers

Children are easily overlooked when it comes to grief support and healing practices. Let's chat a little bit about what we might offer as a part of our own healing process to the littlest grievers among us. Read More "The Forgotten Grievers"

In Pursuit of Whole Self Healing

What if we approached ourselves in this new year as already whole and worthy of the work of integration? It's messy, but worth every moment. Read More "In Pursuit of Whole Self Healing"

Finding Your Story with Kimberly Anne Bell

Life experiences aren't lessons for us - they're lessons for all of us. Listen to Kimberly Anne Bell share her story about finally feeling seen, heard, and finding a path toward healing. Read More "Finding Your Story with Kimberly Anne Bell"

A Reflection for Your Holiday Walk

Because we feel the need to honor tradition, we find ways to justify our own discomfort for the sake of the group. But today, we're going to explore the gift of something new. Read More "A Reflection for Your Holiday Walk"

A Vehicle for Grieving with Emily Johnson

Emily's story is one full of drive, compassion, and perspective about living with a lifelong illness, a dying parent, and what it life can look like on the other side of active grief. Read More "A Vehicle for Grieving with Emily Johnson"