Restorative Grief

Restorative Grief

Embracing our losses without losing ourselves

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The Book: Restorative Grief

Mark Your Love with Jennifer Alemany

A few years ago, the love of Jennifer's life died and her entire world shifted. This conversation is about what rose from the depths. Read More "Mark Your Love with Jennifer Alemany"

Less Harming, More Helping

This transcript includes the topic of spiritual abuse in the context of grief. Please read with caution. Read More "Less Harming, More Helping"

Values In Action with Lovingkindness

Lovingkindness just might be the practice that unlocks all that grief work you've been doing so diligently! Read More "Values In Action with Lovingkindness"

The Honest Approach with Darcy Luoma

Remember that even the professionals need support and frankly, the ones willing to tell you about their story are usually the ones you can trust with your own. Read More "The Honest Approach with Darcy Luoma"

How Your Values Affect Your Healing

Our values will influence how we treat ourselves and others in the wake of loss. Which means that by knowing our values and giving them space to breathe, we can shift how we respond to grief and in turn, take ownership of our healing. Read More "How Your Values Affect Your Healing"

Holidays! Those Are Fun, Right?

This week we're mixing up the format a tiny bit to unpack the grief we experience around holidays like Easter. Please give yourself a break to listen in a quiet place, where you can be honest with anything this episode may stir up. I have BIG love for you out there today! Read More "Holidays! Those Are Fun, Right?"