Breaking Points, One Percent, and Better Resolutions
Breaking Points, One Percent, and Better Resolutions

Breaking Points, One Percent, and Better Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Let’s talk for a quick minute about why resolutions suck. 😁

They’re discouraging; you often spend your time focusing on what you lack and where you think you need to be a “better” human.

But what if you start to believe that you’re already whole?

How would your resolutions change?

Here’s my quick story about resetting the idea of resolutions with a mind set on healing instead of betterment.

I don’t usually know how to rest, and recently, I got sick.
So, I had to call in sick to work.
I hate doing that.

But it gave me a chance to decide for myself what the day would hold. I was able to rest, and yet, I was able to use the time to shift my entire life as well (not ambitious at all, right?).

Giving myself the “day off” meant I had a chance to become curious.

How had I gotten to a place of burnout so visceral that I became sick? 

It was time to pursue something more than a plan of action or a resolution. I needed a true reset.

So between naps, I took a moment to gaze at my life and the tasks I do each day for myself, my family, and for work. I rated each one.

  • Why am I doing these things?
  • What impact do they have?
  • Do they really need to keep happening?

And how can I show up for myself better than ever before?

Showing up for me first means I can show up well in the other arenas (family, work, etc.). That means health and stress management is priority one. 
It’s not an easy decision.
But wildly necessary.

Over work, over volunteering, over social gatherings – our health is the one thing we can influence that will always pay us a return. 

If that return is only 1% improvement, we are still gaining new ground!

And even in the middle of grief, if I am able to try new things for my health, I must understand that there is no failure. There is only a new path forged that required rerouting. 

These are the arenas where we figure out what works for us, and what doesn’t. And when something doesn’t work, then I’ve still gained new insight that these changed habits or restructured priorities need and deserve a little more attention and reworking.

I’ve always had a number of great apps, books, planners – you name it – all the organization and meditation programs at my disposal.

With the internet, we really have no excuse to forgo the resources. It just a matter of making health support our priority.

So if you are interested in hearing the apps I use on a daily basis to help ME wade through life with an intention set on my health each day, just reply back and I’ll give you the list.

There are enough that using them well takes intention, but not so many that the overwhelm derails progress (if you make it a priority). 

Sensing a theme?

Okay. Thanks for reading. I truly hope this triggers some questions for you about your own health investment for the year to come, and gives you a little insight of your own about how to find that 1%, even as the year comes to an end.

To nourishment and revitalization in 2022!