Tension of the In-Between
Tension of the In-Between

Tension of the In-Between

This morning I encountered a delight and a reminder that life is hard.
Does this hard life mean we must accept that gasping for air as normal?
Absolutely not.

It does mean we must be intentional with the tension.

Every choice we make moves us closer to or further from the person we are becoming. And like a dissonant note, or a minor fall, we celebrate the beauty in the resolution. But I think we are too quick to clean up the sound.

Let’s learn to relish the moment before we are clear of the discomfort. Leaning away from the dualistic mentality of good/bad allows God to infiltrate the moment with a greater truth, greater healing, and greater solutions than we could ever orchestrate on our own.

So here’s to delighting in the chaos, the growth, and the settled peace that overcomes the one who can sleep and softly hum through the storms.